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Titan opened in the end of XVIII century independently German and English chemists. This lightweight, silvery metal took the IV group of the periodic system of D. I. Mendeleev. Already at that time Titan dubbed «the metal of the future.» Its high strength, lightness, resistance to corrosion and chemical environments, plasticity, made him a leader among construction materials. Its corrosion resistance comparable to gold, and small unit — almost like aluminum. The ductility of titanium is similar to brass. Titan retains its properties from -250°C to +800°C. Exceptional durability, heat resistance, brought him to the forefront of modern industry.

Physical quality
The temperature at which the obtained data the features of t°C 20°C
The linear thermal expansion coefficient α [1/Deg] Of 8.2x10−6
Density [g/cm3] 4,45
The modulus of elasticity of 1 kind, E [MPa]x10−5 1,12
Specific heat at 20 °C [kJ/(kg·deg)] 0,586
The thermal conductivity K [W/(m·K)] 300,173
Coefficient thermal conductivity), l [W/(m·deg)] Of 8.37


Titanium produced by the reduction of hot TiCl4 with magnesium or sodium. Molten titanium reacts with atmospheric gases, in this connection, the melt protect inert atmosphere. Since titanium is a refractory, its preparation in pure form requires a lot of energy. Titanium alloys are classified according to the configuration of the crystal lattice, and adaptability — are divided into wrought and casting.


Titanium mill products are stored in covered warehouses or under a canopy, where guaranteed protection from any mechanical or other damage.


Alloy titanium alloys are indispensable in shipbuilding, rocket — and aircraft building. Of them made the most of the important parts for shipbuilding — propellers and hull underwater vessels. In metallurgy titanium itself in the form of alloying element increases the strength and the corrosion resistance of steels. Due to the high specific strength, chemical stability, it is relevant in the production of chemical reactors, special pumps and piping. Possessing biological inertness, it is indispensable as a material for surgical instruments and prosthetic joints. Heat resistance allows it to be used for thermal equipment, and resistance to extremely low temperatures for cryogenic engineering. Its use ranges from the manufacture of bulletproof vests to modern interior design.


Titanium mill products presents in stock, LLC «_" the full range of products that will satisfy any customer. Optimal price level and complete correspondence to requirements of technical documentation will allow to provide the reliability and economic efficiency of production. Individual work with every customer regardless of the purchase price is our motto since the founding of the company.