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The family with the name Hastelloy X includes alloys based on nickel, chromium and iron with the addition of molybdenum. These features of the chemical composition explain not only the excellent resistance of materials of this type to corrosion, but also regulates their high resistance to various deformations at elevated temperatures of the working zone. To date, such raw materials are rightly considered to be the foundation, thanks to which industrial industries with harsh equipment operating conditions are capable of actively developing.


Exceptional resistance to oxidation of the alloy labeled Hastelloy X, allows the use of semi-finished products made from it for work in virtually all aggressive environments of industrial character, even against the background of significant heating of the working area of equipment. The temperature index of a long and reliable unattended operation of equipment for semi-finished products of this type can reach 1200 degrees on a Celsius scale. However, some of the individual features of the material assume adherence to special preparatory regimes for the hot processing of semi-finished products. Before starting the direct deformation process, it is recommended that the material be heated to 1175 degrees to achieve the best result. Such characteristics of the important technological raw materials are explained first of all by its well-kept and perfectly balanced chemical composition.


The percentage composition of Hastelloy X

Co C Mo Fe Ni Cr Mn P S Si W
0.5−2.5 ≤0.15 8−10 17−20 the basis 20.5−23 ≤1 ≤0,04 ≤0,03 ≤1 0.2−1

Along with other useful qualities of such an alloy, it is worth noting its easy weldability. The absence of any restrictions on this type of processing explains the high popularity of raw materials in the production of various welded structures.

Application of

Durable, corrosion-resistant and heat-resistant material of the new generation is actively used by virtually all known industries. After all, the high performance characteristics of the alloy and the easy maintenance of the equipment made from it, could not go unnoticed at various redistributions of the production complex. Most often, products labeled with Hastelloy X are used in the production of heating equipment capable of withstanding high temperatures without loss of performance, different combustion chambers or elements of turbine gas systems, as well as structural elements of jet engines, have proved to be good from nickel raw materials for a long time. A wide range of products from rods, circles, wires and pipes, to profile products made on individual orders, will allow the realization of any thought of an engineer in the shortest possible time.


Hastelloy X is represented in the warehouse by LLC «_" with a full range of products that will satisfy any client. The optimal price category and full compliance with the requirements of technical documentation will ensure the reliability and cost-effectiveness of production Individual work with each customer regardless of the purchase price is the motto of our work from the moment The foundation of the company.