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Corrosion-resistant carbon steel 03Х18Н11 (000Х18Н11) austenitic class intended for operation in an environment of increased aggressiveness. The basis of the raw materials are iron, chromium and Nickel. Quantitative content in the silicon material — less than one percent, manganese up to 2%. This steel is an outstanding representative of stainless alloys, designed for continuous operation in aggressive chemical environments with no loss of technological qualities. A diverse range of hire brand 03Х18Н11 produced by modern industry, allows to create constructions of any complexity. Compared to the steels stabilized with titanium, brand 03Х18Н11 has more resistance to stab corrosion of welds.


Percentage composition according to GOST 5632−72

Alloy C Si   Ti Cr Mn P S Ni Fe
03Х18Н11 ≤0,03 ≤0,8 --- 17−19 ≤2 ≤0,035 ≤0,02 10,5−12,5 basis

Austenitic steel, is melted in the open arc if the vacuum-induction furnaces with the use of low carbon ferro-alloys and method of oxygen refining or vacuum decarburization in the ladle. Manufacture of semi-finished products normalized following GOST: 1133−71, 25054−81, 5582−75, 5949−75, And is also following THAT: 14−1-1160−74, 14−1-1180−74, 14−1-2144−77, 14−1-2450−78, 14−1-3071−80, 14−1-3652−83, 14−1-490−72, 14−4-3071−80, 14−11−245−88.


Corrosion-resistant carbon steel 03Х18Н11 used the chemical industry for the production of welded equipment used in nitric acid environments at elevated temperatures. Fabrication of pipelines, chemical reactors for synthesis of 70% HNO3, ammonium nitrate, adipic acid. Design of steel 03Х18Н11 can be operated in a wide temperature range from — 196° to 300 °C.


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