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Alloy brand Б86 refers to the babbits based on tin with high sliding properties. Marked the approximate percentage of tin is about 86%. Б86 features high conductivity, corrosion resistance, and better ductility compared to lead babbits. The presence of tin-based solids improves pererabatyvaemogo and sliding properties. The alloy has a melting temperature from 250−320°C; at a temperature of 100 °C maximum ductility with a minimum hardness HB=13−32.


Б86 has a very high ductility and a minimum coefficient of friction. Significantly reducing the wear of friction parts, this alloy extends the lifetime of the equipment. The reliability of the mobile nodes is directly proportional to the thickness of the fill layer of babbit. Б86 able to retain lubricant, has a high ductility without loss of hardness. This is possible due to its heterogeneous structure — the inclusion of rigid particles in a soft basis. This alloy is manufactured on the most modern technology with quality materials in the form of ingots. Production of normalized GOST 1320−74.


All babbit have a low fatigue resistance, which also depends on the thickness of the fill. The minimum strength allows them to apply only in the bearings with durable cast iron, steel or bronze body. The duration of operation of mobile nodes depends on the thickness of the babbit layer on a steel liner.


Moving parts of ship engines, bearings, turbo pumps, compressors, turbochargers, propeller shafts high speed bearings for turbines and diesel engines running on medium load. Effectively minimizes the friction of the contacting parts. But the use of this alloy is limited to where the equipment is subject to shock loads, as vibration and shock can lead to cracking of babbit. The same reason makes impossible the application Б86 in the form of a thin layer.


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