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Bronze is the alloy based on tin, copper and various alloying components, for example, beryllium, aluminum, phosphorus, lead. But the main addition is considered as tin, which specifies the name of a group of alloys — tin bronze. It is worth mentioning that the alloy of copper and zinc is called brass, and copper and Nickel — Constantan, and the alloy is not a bronze.

tin bronze

This alloy is the most common and widely used by many industries. Humanity has mastered this metal, one of the first he gave the name of an entire era — the Bronze age. The alloy includes such components as copper — bulk and tin. Bronze has several admirable qualities: strength, hardness, and high technology. But it also has some disadvantages: bronze on a base of tin has a low machining pressure and difficult cutting and deformation. First of all, this cast metal, and it is not many metals can be compared in the casting qualities.

Tin bronze is characterized by low shrinkage, due to which it is successfully used for artistic casting. In addition, it has high corrosion resistance and antifriction properties. If tin bronze is alloyed with other metals, it will greatly affect its characteristics. For example, if the alloy is to add only 11% of zinc, the cost of bronze is significantly reduced, while it will receive valuable property, corrosion resistance in salt water. Adding to the alloy of lead and phosphorus allows to improve the sliding properties and the operation time of mobile nodes. Adding to the aluminum alloy makes it much easier and gives high specific strength. This alloy is the most popular in the manufacture of vehicles and parts for them. And the high conductivity of the aluminium bronze made possible its successful use in electrical engineering. A rare alloy — beryllium bronze is used in industries characterized by high explosion hazard. The reason is that parts made from this alloy, absolutely no sparks. In addition, many bronze alloys are successfully used in chemical industry, in manufacture of pipeline armature and in in moving parts as antifriction material .

Material Mark Prefabricated Cross-section mm The presence of the kg
BRONZE Braj 9−4 round 20−150mm 1120
-«- Brag 9−3 20−160mm 89
-«- Brotss 5−5-5 30−120mm 280
BRONZE Brb2 tape 0,25x250 30
tape The 0.3x120 12
tape 0,4x250 29
round 20−50mm 230
sheet 2 185
BRONZE Brazhnmc9−4-4−1 round 20 45
50 77
70 85
-«- Bramc9−2 -«- 70 175
BRONZE Brazhn10−4-4 -«- 40 165
round 90 225
BRONZE Broth round 40 55


Labeling of bronze begins with the letters «Br», then write letters which are the signs used alloying components and figures — the percentage of these components in the alloy. Get acquainted with the range, specify main features, advantages, the use parameters products you can on our website. In the company «_" presents an unlimited range of non-ferrous metal. Carried out both wholesale and retail deliveries.

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