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Rhenium semi-finished products produced by powder metallurgy methods. First, get the Fort. Then it is heated and rolled out a special rotary forging machine. Pure rhenium is very ductile and can roll out into a fine foil no thicker than 10 microns. Rhenium sheets are produced using «hot-cold» deformation. The original mix for the production of sheet and strip is not a square rod billet cross-section, and the workpiece is flat. Laminate sheet has a very smooth surface, it can be made into products of any shape. The surface is cleaned from oxides with hot solution of NaOH or Prokaeva at 1000 °C in hydrogen atmosphere.

quality requirements

On the valid samples of insignificant defects, the risks, the traces of broach, shrinkage irregularities, which fall within the boundaries specified by the standard deviations. On the cut sheet and the ribbon must not contain foreign inclusions. The surface must be clean, free of cracks, burrs. Rolled in original packaging stored in closed warehouses. It can be transported by any transport. When transporting polufabrikaty must be protected from mechanical damage, moisture, dirt, corrosive substances.


Sheet and strip of rhenium represent a heat-resistant and at the same time very flexible, durable material, designed to work at t° above 1500 °C in aggressive industrial environments. Sheet and strip of rhenium have higher strength and corrosion resistance. This is one of the most refractory metals, which are used in nuclear energy, metallurgy, industrial chemistry, Metalworking. The most important field of its use rocket science, electrical engineering, catalytic chemistry, instrumentation.


This multiple element of the earth’s crust. Mining and production it is associated with a number of difficulties. This is a rather expensive and heavy metal, heavier than gold.


On the basis of rhenium and tungsten to produce tungsten-rhenium thermocouple BP-5, BP-20, which is designed for temperature measurement up to 2500 °C. Rhenium-platinum catalysts are indispensable for the production of high-octane gasoline. Alloys of rhenium durable, plastic, high-tech, well welded, can work in the most difficult conditions. Sheet and strip of rhenium are the basis of important equipment of nuclear installations. In surveying instruments — levels, theodolites, optical mechanical assemblies use metal hangers from rhenium wire or thin ribbon. Tape of rhenium is used for the production of electric heating elements furnaces with high heat resistance and stable performance. Most often these elements are manufactured from strips with a thickness of 10 µm. Of rhenium tape make self-cleaning electrical contacts. When you turn on or off the electric discharge oxidizes the surface of contact. But the oxide of rhenium is volatile and evaporates when the discharge, so the lifetime of electrical equipment is greatly increased. Alloys of rhenium are doing measuring instruments of the highest quality. Niobium and tantalum produce energy-intensive electrolytic capacitors.


Quality manufacturer with constant control over the observance of technological discipline and compliance of semi-finished products of rhenium and its alloys all parameters of the normative documentation and acceptable cost of products determines the relevance of such material for the needs of modern production. The company «_" represents the entire product range of products from rare and refractory metals. Sincere attention to the needs of each customer, regardless of order value, delivery in the shortest time, flexible system of discounts to wholesale customers determine the face of our company.