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Manganin is an alloy of Nickel, copper and manganese. Copper is the main component of the alloy, it is contained in the composition is about 85%. Legarrette cobalt + Ni of 2.5 — 3.5%, and manganese of 11.5 — 13.5%. Manganin Mnmc3−12 has a minimum thermal EMF in a pair of copper (up to 1 µv/°C) and high electrical resistance. The resistance of manganin is maintained at a temperature of 300 °C. the Disadvantage of this alloy is considered to be the instability to corrosion in the atmosphere, ammonia, acid vapors, industrial condensate. Over time, the manganin can change its resistance in the presence of mechanical stresses in the winding wire, which can lead to changes in the structure of the alloy.

Percentage composition

Alloy GOST Analogue Ni+Co Mn Fe C Pb Bi S Cu
Manganin Mnmc3−12 --- 2,5−3,5 11,5−13,5 ≤0,5 ≤0,05 ≤0,02 -- ≤0,02 basis


Grade alloy Kg, 3−12, Mnmag 3−12−0,3−0,3 rolled in the form of wire. Production of normalized GOST 492−2006. To stabilize the electromagnetic qualities of manganin is subjected to heat treatment in vacuum. The result stabiliziruemost the crystal lattice of the alloy and increases the maximum operating temperature 70−80°C to +200°C to Produce hard and soft wire with a cross section of 0.02 — 6 mm, strip thickness ≤ 0.08 mm and width up to 270 mm. Made of wire:

· enamel insulation (PMMT and PMMM);

· isolation from natural silk (PSTMT and PSDM),

· isolated natural silk plus enamel insulation (PASAT and PASAM).


This is the basic material for the manufacture of parts of precision instruments and reference resistors, shunts, bridge circuits, sensors, high precision, resistors, due to the small resistance in the room temperature range.


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