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For long trouble-free operation, conductive systems, it is important to choose the right material. Copper wire is characterized by a minimum electrical resistance, temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, allowing you to use it without losing the basic qualities in the most difficult conditions. This wire is very technological and although inferior in strength steel counterparts, but easy to cut, bent, soldered, mounted. Inertness to the influence of condensate and high corrosion resistance allows its use in industrial and domestic electrical systems. This wire has a very long life. In addition, copper is non-magnetic and has a biological inertness.

Varieties of copper wire:

Name Mark Standard Cutting
Electrical wire M1; M2 ТУ16−705.492−2005 0,08−6,0
Copper wire for rivets ТУ48−21−456−2006 7,0−10,7; 1,0−6,5
Copper wire GOST 434−78 all dimensions according to GOST

At 20 °C electrical resistance of wire may not exceed:

  • 0,01724, mmmhmm2/m to MM;
  • 0,01780, mmmhmm2/m for MT, Ø to 2.44 mm;
  • 0,01770, mmmhmm2/m for MT, Ø > of 2.44 mm.


Undeniable the electrical advantages of copper wire allowed it along with aluminum become the main material in the manufacture of electric wires. It should be noted that the copper wire at the kink is much stronger than aluminum, with a minimum electrical resistance, which allows its use for the transmission of electric potential of much more power. Copper wire current in the electric power industry and electrical engineering, the manufacture of busbars, cables, spark plugs, fusible safety devices.


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