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Supplier KMZ offers a circle, a wire, a tube made of hardened beryllium bronze Brbnt1.9 at economical price. The provider ensures timely delivery of products to any address. The price is the best in this segment of the rental.

Technical characteristics

Bronze brand Brbnt1.9 refers to the group of beryllium bronzes with a high content of Nickel and titanium. Beryllium bronze is also characterized by high indices of elasticity, due to what is responsible for spring details, sparking at change of the sizes which for technical reasons is unacceptable. Bronze is prone to dispersion hardening, which allows to significantly change its mechanical properties depending on heat treatment, mainly aging. This is followed by cold plastic deformation, leading to hardening of the material (index of T in naming the brand).


Beryllium bronze has high wear resistance and corrosion strength, due to which is used mainly in the aerospace industry, in the manufacture of critical parts of aircraft.

Chemical composition of GOST 18175−78

  • Beryllium is 1.85 2.10…%;
  • Nickel — 0,2…0,4%;
  • Titanium of 0.10…of 0.25%;
  • Copper — the rest.

The total percentage content of impurities does not exceed 0.5%.

  • Silicon, aluminum, iron — 0.15% of each of the elements;
  • Lead — 0,005%.

Physical properties

  • Coefficient of thermal conductivity, callmgr — 0,22;
  • The modulus of elasticity, GPA — 9,5…10,5.

Mechanical characteristics

Figure Hardening Quenching and tempering
The limit of temporary resistance, MPa 600 1100
Yield strength, MPa 350
Elongation, % 10 4
Brinell hardness number, HB 330


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Supply, price

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