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On the composition of bronze can be tin or benalouane, and by way of production — on casting and rolling. Bronze bushing legarrette aluminum, silicon, beryllium, etc. Tin bronze ideal casting. Bronze aluminum perfectly processed pressure. They are inexpensive, are corrosion resistance and high specific strength, like silicon bronze. Strengthened by heat treatment. Beryllium bronze possess high elasticity, resistance to corrosion, when struck spark. Deformable alloys very plastic and technological. Cast bronze is well processed, wear resistance, sliding qualities.


Chem. the composition of the sleeves normalizes GOST 493−79, 18175−78, 5017−74. Manufacturer — GOST 24301−93. Standard cross section of articles 20 — 1200 mm. Bronze castings made by centrifugal and chill casting. Today in stock, LLC «_" in the presence of all kinds of bronze car at the best price.

Elastic bronze alloys — the most relevant in the production of bearings, bushings, springs. Of them produce bearings, parts separators, compressors. They have excellent sliding qualities. Details of beryllium bronze spark shocks, which is especially valuable in environments with explosive atmospheres. „the Admiralty, the bronze“ — doped by zinc, rack to wet corrosion — no alternative material in shipbuilding. Aluminum bronze different heat resistance, good electrical conductivity, relevant to the transport mechanical engineering, electrical engineering. Bronze casting widely used for the production of decorative elements.


Marking bronze begins with the letters „Br“, then write capital letters main alloying components and figures — their percentage in the alloy. In detail to familiarize with the range, specify main features, advantages, the use parameters products you can on our website. The company 'VIC» presents an unlimited range of non-ferrous metal. Carried out both wholesale and retail supply.

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Huge selection on the website of LLC «VIC» non-ferrous metal, including bronze semi-finished products, designed for wholesale and retail buyers. Convenient system of delivery and sincere attention to the customer will make a purchase from us as comfortable as possible, and the compliance of all semi-finished to high quality standards will guarantee reliable operation of such products on any parts of the industrial complex. A variety of parameter articles available in our warehouse allows us to choose the necessary option to bring any of engineering ideas.