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Gadolinium — atomic No. 64 in the periodic table of elements. Is in the third group. Has an atomic mass 157,25. Refers to the lanthanides. Opened in the late nineteenth century, J. de Marignac, proved the existence of a new element in the mixture of oxides of rare earth metals. Named for the Finnish chemist Gadolin. In ocean water the contents of gadolinium — millionths of a milligram in a liter, and the content in the lithosphere 8 g/t Receive gadolinium through the restoration of its chloride and fluoride salts of calcium of a mixture of oxides of rare earth metals.


Due to the optimal nuclear-physical structure, technological and operational qualities, materials based on this metal are being used today to solve the most complex technological tasks. Alloying alloys with gadolinium increases the tensile strength and yield strength. The most popular this metal in nuclear power and electronics. Materials on its basis-doped with cobalt and iron has allowed us to create media with high recording density. The latest technologies allowed to grow single crystal gadolinium — gallium devices grenades, necessary in the production of solid-state lasers, is relevant not only in medicine but also in the processing of metal and stone. The ability to capture thermal neutrons have found use in the management of nuclear reactions and ionizing radiations. The alloy of gadolinium and Nickel used in the manufacture of containers for storage of radioactive waste. Gd2О3 oxide included in the glass composition that absorbs neutrons. The gadolinium hexaboride is the basis of the cathodes of the electron gun and x-ray machines. An alloy of iron and gadolinium — capacity hydrogen atoms, have found application in a hydrogen car. In medicine in the diagnosis of bone condition using 153-Gd. In the treatment of liver diseases applied chloride GdCl3. Today for the production of magnetic refrigerators began to use the single crystal alloy of gadolinium-terbium.


Alloys of gadolinium produces flat products, bars, rods, wire according to GOST 23862.13−79. GOST 23862.5−79 — regulates the determination of the oxides of gadolinium spectral luminescent method.

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