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Zirconium — a metal of yellowish tint, almost the same plastic as gold, despite the hardness Due to their high technological and operating characteristics, is widely used instrumentation, electrical engineering, heat power engineering, where the production process involves high temperatures I. aggressive environments. It is paramagnetic, heat-resistant metal. It is resistant to moisture and industrial condensate, alkalis, acids, ammonia, delays ionizing radiation. It has good thermal stability, does not lose its quality in the conditions of cryogenic cooling. Often used for alloying other metals. which gives strength, chemical and thermal resistance, improves workability. The disadvantages of cubic Zirconia is its high cost. This multiple element of the earth’s crust. Mining and production it is associated with a number of difficulties. This is a fairly expensive metal.


Due to the high technological and operating characteristics, compliance with the most stringent hygiene requirements, cubic Zirconia is a valuable structural material. It is widely applied for nuclear energy, industrial chemistry, textile and food industry. With the advent of such materials of new generation have the opportunity to improve technological processes of production and to ensure long term reliable operation of the whole complex of equipment. Chemical resistance allows the zirconium parts of the chemical reinforcement. Cubic Zirconia are now actively replacing the noble metals. Anodized zirconium is decked with pure spectral colors, providing tremendous opportunities for the realization of any creative ideas. Jewelry cubic Zirconia original, unusual, elegant, well-made, attractive for its completeness. Zirconium is biologically inert, more stable in biological environments than titanium, making relevant in the manufacture of orthopedic spokes, screws, surgical instruments. In dentistry wire is used for coating on the crowns. At 4.2°K wire based on the 25% zirconium and 75% of the niobium becomes superconducting properties equivalent to 100,000 A/cm2. Due to the high resistance of the zirconium to the action of vapor, acids and other aggressive environments, it is used to manufacture not only chemical equipment, but also for the food industry, household products, manufacturing of capacitors and injection needles.


Nagarebana (cold-drawn) zirconium wire is produced by cold pressure, different hardness and elasticity. This wire, a niobium alloy used for the windings of superconducting magnets. Soft annealed wire is made. The circle is made by cold — and hot-deformed length to 7,400 mm and a cross section of 4.5 — 80 mm. Legarrette silicon, niobium and other elements for strength. For accuracy it can be high and normal precision. Used in vacuum and special machinery. Bars godenovo Zirconia — a special kind of product obtained by godenovo refining chips of a conventional zirconium, thus achieving high purity of the product. Such rods is relevant in electrochemistry as electrodes, are used for the production of vacuum devices, absorbers. The rod is made only of straight. Zirconium rod, alloy with 2.5% niobium have a high corrosion resistance. Used for covers of fuel assemblies for nuclear boilers, fragments of chemical reactors.


Manufactured by cold rolling a cross section of 0.7 — 4 mm, legarrette niobium of 1 — 2.5%, is still the necessary material for the production of the fuel rod channels where it is used to weld tubular structures. The cathodes of Zirconia are used for wear-resistant coatings on cutting edges of tools made of tool steel, turbine blades, elements, moving parts (shafts, bushings), which allows to increase service life many times over.


Bay wire Packed with paper and placed in a wooden box, lined with 3 layers of plastic film. Marking shall be carried out according to GOST 14192−96 with the indication of the manufacturer, mass Bay, brand of wire, heat number, customer address. The protractor possible by all modes of transport. Storage should avoid contact with dust, moisture, chemically active products.


Price for rental of the rare and refractory metals depends on the parameters of products, of alloy grades and additional conditions of delivery. Zirconium mill products from the «_" differs reasonable price and a wide variety of shapes and sizes that will allow any buyer to choose the product which most fully satisfies its needs. High quality workmanship and full compliance of products with the requirements of the state normative documents and technical conditions for the supply — main principle of our company in work with clients. And reasonable prices and convenient delivery method is the additional benefit of working with us.