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The group of nickel alloys is very diverse and is represented by a large number of names. Along with the overall high performance indicators, each specific brand of such raw materials is unique and has its own characteristics. Hastelloy c22 belongs to the group of high-alloyed chromium-nickel steels of special purpose. High performance allows you to apply it where many others have become defeated. Optimal alloying with a good combination of all the chemical components in the composition made it possible to obtain a new material with a set of necessary qualities that are in high demand in the modern industry.


The main feature of chromium-nickel steels is high resistance to any kind of corrosion. Hastelloy c22 equally well resists both slit type corrosion and intergranular fracture of the alloy structure. A wide range of products and a range of product sizes have led to the widespread use of this unique raw material. Circles, sheets, strips and pipes of different cross-section and wall thickness have perfectly proved themselves in all spheres of the production complex. The material composition includes a set of elements with excellent strength parameters and heat resistance characteristics.

Percent composition
carbon manganese sulfur silicon chromium nickel molybdenum cobalt titanium aluminum iron tungsten vanadium
0,015 0.5 0.02 0.02 19.5−23.5 the basis 12.5−14.5 2.5 0.6−1.2 Up to 0.2 2−6 2.5−3.5 0.35

At the final stage of production, all pipes manufactured by a welded method are necessarily inspected for internal defects by non-destructive inspection methods.

Application of

Semi-finished products made of Hastelloy alloy c22 are very relevant for aviation, geological exploration, in the production of equipment for the power complex, and the chemical industry. They are able to work long and efficiently in an aggressive environment under the influence of significant dynamic loads. Continuous improvement of the production process, exact adherence to technological processing modes allows to obtain consistently high results in the form of high-quality industrial equipment with guaranteed operational advantages.

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High-quality manufacturing with constant control of compliance with the requirements of technological discipline, the absolute conformity of Hastelloy’s semi-finished products with all items of regulatory documentation, acceptable cost of products determines the great popularity of such material for modern production needs. Our company represents the whole assortment of such products and provides constant attention to the needs of each customer, regardless of the volume of the order.