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Scandium (Sc) is a lightweight silvery metal yellowish, the 21st element of the periodic system of Mendeleev. Purity scandium is very soft and easily processed. Its content in earth’s crust 10 g/t, is extracted from coal slag. The resources of this metal are concentrated in coal deposits, in the form of oxides. Opened by the Swedish naturalist Carl Nielsen in the late nineteenth century and was named in honor of Scandinavia. Alpha-scandium has a hexagonal structure similar to magnesium; and beta-scandium — cubic transition temperature = 1336 °C. the metal Melts at 1541 °C and boils at 2837 °C. In its properties it is close to the lanthanides at all junctions has a positive valence,


Due to the high technological and operating characteristics, alloys of scandium is widely used by engineering, thermal power, where the production process involves high temperatures and corrosive environments. Such materials of new generation raised production processes to new levels and ensure prolonged reliable operation of modern equipment. This metal lagerbuchse heat-resistant stainless steel. Compounds based on scandium has found application in electrical engineering, nuclear power industry, refractories, heat-exchange equipment, lasers, solar cells, phosphors. Radioactive scandium-46 current cancer treatment, and in technologies of chemical synthesis — as a control «label» of processes. Most often metal is used to alloy with scandium aluminum. It is characterized by lightness, ductility and strength, is used for the production of long products and flat products.

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