Bronze - colored metal

Bronze tin

They are used since ancient times and well-developed industry. Due to the large range of crystallization they have a low fluidity. In these bronzes is not formed cavities, but small scattered porosity. Tin bronzes have a linear shrinkage is very small and is in the process of sand casting 0.8%, and when casting in the mold is 1.4%. Such properties facilitate the acquisition of foundry, which does not require high tightness.

The value of phosphorus

This element is often introduced in the composition of the tin bronzes. First, it reduces the phosphorus content in the melt of hydrogen and rascasse copper, and secondly, increases the strength; third, improve the castability and allows the production of complex shape castings with thin walls, for example, in high-quality art casting. The presence of phosphorus bronze with a small amount of tin improves resistance to wear due to solid particles of phosphide of copper si3 R in the structure. But phosphorus has a downside — degrades the ductility, in wrought alloys its content usually does not exceed 0.5%.


Bronze tin contain a high amount of zinc, but not more than the solubility limit. Nickel contributes to the strength properties and improves the deformability and ductility, increasing density, corrosion resistance, reducing the segregation. Lead increases the density and fluidity, and antifriction quality. Bronze containing Nickel thermally hardened during aging and tempering.

Aluminium bronze

They occupy among the copper alloys in the industry leading position according to its frequency. With increasing of aluminum content in the alloy, their mechanical properties increase. Optimum mechanical properties are those alloys in which aluminum contains from 5 to 8%.

Beryllium bronze

Such alloys have a unique combination of properties: significant elasticity and durability, good thermal and electrical conductivity, high resistance to corrosion and mechanical destruction.

Bronze siliceous

With increasing silicon content in the alloy is not more than 3.5% increases as the rupture strength of the alloy and elongation.

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