What is made from stainless steel

Characteristics of steel alloys

As you know, the stainless steel composition is a ferritic, austenitic and martensitic. Austenitic steel is widely used. The scope of its application is 70% of all types of steel. It is not subject to corrosion and melts at very high temperatures. Its scope is very wide. Austenitic stainless steel contains from 6 to 14% of Ni, from 16 to 25% Cr and from 2 to 6% Mo. Also, it can contain impurities and other elements. Chrome, or ferritic steel contains less carbon. It is less resistant to corrosion, its price is also lower. than austenitic. It contains from 12 to 20% Cr. In some brands use Ti and Mo. Martensitic stainless steel has the lowest quality, but it is hardened by heat treatment.


Stainless steel made pipes of different profile. They can be either round or square, oval, etc. On the surface finish — a matte and mirror. Stainless steel pipes are widely used in the construction of various communications and design. Of them made frames, stairs, fences, parapets, supports, etc. Such metal products as hexagon, square, angle, wire and strip are widely used in machine building and instrument making. The most widely used are area, and a circle of stainless steel. Sheet metal is produced in sheets and rolls. It is exhaust, hot — and cold-rolled, brushed, polished and matte. Stainless steel sheets are used for roofing, cladding of buildings, interior design and everyday life. Stainless steel are also produced and bends — especially bent pipes, which are used in the installation of pipelines, especially in the food and chemical industries.

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