Zirconium metal


Zirconium — a metal of yellowish tint, almost the same plastic as gold, despite the hardness Due to their high technological and operating characteristics, is widely used instrumentation, electrical engineering, heat power engineering, where the production process involves high temperatures I. aggressive environments. It is paramagnetic, heat-resistant metal. It is resistant to moisture and industrial condensate, alkalis, acids, ammonia, delays ionizing radiation. It has good thermal stability, does not lose its quality in the conditions of cryogenic cooling. Often used for alloying other metals. which gives strength, chemical and thermal resistance, improves workability.


Metallurgy and Energetica

Cubic Zirconia serves as the basis of crucibles for melting metals, heat-resistant pipes, etc. On the basis of dioxide ZrO2 to produce refractory bricks for metallurgy. Tubes of zirconium alloy KTC-110 can be used in heat-exchange valves of nuclear reactors.

Construction material

Chemical resistance allows the zirconium chemical valves, reactors, pumps, etc. In nuclear energy, Zr is the main material of the membranes of the nuclear boilers. Zircon is used for lining glass furnaces and in the manufacture of building ceramics, enamels and glazes.


Cubic Zirconia are now actively replacing the noble metals. Anodized zirconium is decked with pure spectral colors, providing tremendous opportunities for the realization of any creative ideas. Jewelry cubic Zirconia original, unusual, elegant, well-made, attractive for its completeness. They are extremely appreciated in the global market.


Thin zirconium sheet retains ionizing radiation safer than 5 protective lead aprons. Find out what this metal absorbs g¢-radiation. Regular wearing of the bracelet or chain of cubic Zirconia has a beneficial effect on health. Chronic disorders of the treatment process often passes through a series of exacerbations. Zirconium is biologically inert, more stable in biological environments than titanium, making relevant in the manufacture of prostheses and surgical tools. In dentistry it is used for coating on the crowns. Zirconium produce exclusive dishes with excellent hygienic qualities.


Zirconium powder ignites in air at 250 °C and burns almost without smoke. When it emitted a bright light and reaches the highest for the metal fuel t° 4650 °C. It is used in fireworks, in the manufacture of torches and flares. The powder mixture of zirconium with the cerium gives even more light output. The zirconium powder mixed with potassium chlorate salt is used in fuses, replacing mercury fulminate.

Other industries

At 4.2°K, the alloy 25% zirconium and 75% of the niobium becomes superconducting properties equivalent to 100,000 A/cm2. Due to the high resistance of the zirconium to the action of vapor, acids and other aggressive environments, it is used to manufacture not only chemical equipment, but also for the food industry, household products, manufacturing of capacitors and injection needles.

hard drawn wire

Manufactured by cold rolling a cross section of 0.7 — 4 mm, legarrette niobium of 1 — 2.5%, is still the necessary material for the production of the fuel rod channels where it is used to weld tubular structures. The cathodes of Zirconia are used for wear-resistant coatings on cutting edges of tools made of tool steel, turbine blades, elements, moving parts (shafts, bushings), which allows to increase service life many times over.


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