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Industrial significance the mineral beryl. Today the largest manufacturer of beryllium are the United States. Mining and production of this metal is a promising sector of the economy of Brazil, Central Africa, China, and Kazakhstan.

General information

.It is hard and quite expensive metal. The major applications of beryllium — alloying alloys, operating in particularly difficult conditions. It is toxic in powder form, a poor conductor of heat and electricity. Melting point +1278 °C. under normal conditions this metal is low, the no is oxidized to t° of 600 °C and does not react with hydrogen, water steam even at red heat temperature. It reacts with Halogens above the temperature of 600 °C with ammonia when heated over 1200 °C, forming a nitride Be3 N2, and carbon at a temperature of 1700 °C forms carbide. This metal is easily soluble in diluted inorganic acids but in cold concentrated nitric acid to passivate it. From aqueous solution of alkalis it displaces the hydrogen, and itself turns into the hydroxide.


In closed warehouses or under the shed providing adequate protection against mechanical and other damage.

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