Production and General information about europium


The largest deposits of this metal are found in Kenya, it is also mined in Australia, India and Brazil. In the native form of the europium is not found, mining is associated with such minerals as:

  • monazite;
  • loparite;
  • bastnesite.

It should be noted that due to the complexity of the process of ore enrichment and smelting of the pure metal, it is one of the most expensive elements.

General information about europium

Europium refers to the elements of lanthanides group, it is similar to aluminium. Its production is very costly and requires a multistage technological impact. It is easily processed: it is rolled, bent, drilled, cut. Like many other rare metals, it is often used as a dopant.


With Halogens this metal forms a light-sensitive crystals. In atomic reactors, which are derivatives of europium and zirconium are part of the graphite rods. Unstable isotope 154Eu can be used as nuclear fuel. In laser optics this metal serves in the creation of powerful lasers generating radiation with a wavelength of 610 nm,


In closed warehouses. This active element. In the air it instantly oxidizes (at room temperature), so long-term storage is only possible in a tightly closed container.

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