Production and General information tantalum

Extraction of tantalum

Until 1844 it was considered one of the metal niobium and called it columbium. Modern science knows more than 130 types have tantalum-niobium minerals, but industrial production is linked with only a few of them:

  • tantalite;
  • polycrase;
  • mxunit;
  • microlite.

In accordance with the General information about the tantalum, the largest deposits of the metal located in Brazil (over 40%), Australia (21%) and Canada. Another prospective mining area can become Africa.

For General information about tantalum

73-th element of the chemical periodic table/ Ot by the presence of surface oxides of the metal of steel-gray color has a bluish sheen. In industry, niobium is used both in pure form and as alloying component.

Chemical symbol Ta
The proportion 16,65 g/cm3
Fтомная weight 181 g/mol;
Melting point 3290°K (3017°C, 5463°F)
Boiling point 5731°K (5458 °C, 9856 °F)
The specific heat of fusion 24?7 kJ/mol
The latent heat of vaporization 758 kJ/mol
The degree of oxidation +5

The refractory metal tantalum has a number of excellent qualities (heat resistance, hardness, ductility). Yet it is chemically inert and under normal conditions is not subject to oxidation.

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