Extraction of rare earth and precious metals in the world

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Rare earth metals are an essential ingredient in many industrial products ranging from smartphones, tablets and notebooks to the technology used by military and medical industry.

Production of rare earth metals

Production of rare earth metals takes place mainly in China and Russia. However, in recent years China has reduced its exports more than 70%, which seriously affected the economy of countries such as Japan and the United States, at the same time contributing to the growth of production in China.


Recycling rare earth materials is particularly challenging because, their main source — Board of mobile devices. A couple of years, businesses will seek to use the equipment invested in it

Environmental pollution

Recycling of rare earth metals has great importance from the point of view of toxic pollution. They are often mined using extremely energy-intensive processes and chemical technologies. The extraction of these substances from waste circuit boards is complex and expensive, so most of electronic waste exported to the developing world is discarded to waste.

Technical characteristic. Rhodium

Rhodium is extremely rare and valuable silvery metal commonly used for its reflective properties. It has a high melting point and an exceptional ability to resist corrosion. Largest producers: South Africa, Russia, Canada and other countries. Used in objects such as search lights, mirrors and jewelry finish.


Platinum is characterized by high plasticity, density, and chemical inertness. Largest producers: South Africa, Russia, Canada. Usage: oil refining, jewelry, dentistry, weaponry and Aeronautics;


Gold remains one of the most popular metals in jewelry, but is also used in electronics. Largest producers: South Africa, USA, Australia and China. The conductivity of gold makes it an excellent component in electronics, and its reflective surface helps to create the best radiation screens;


Ruthenium has a high hardness and ability to resist aggressive environments. The largest producers are Russia, North and South America and Canada. Ruthenium is added to platinum and palladium to increase the hardness and to improve electrical resistance;


Iridium has ultra-high melting point, is one of the most dense and corrosion-resistant metals. Largest producer: South Africa. Used in medicine, electronics and the automotive industry;


Osmium one of the densest elements on Earth. It is very heavy, hard, but brittle metal, having an extremely high melting point. The largest producers are Russia, North and South America. Is used in the hardening of platinum alloys for electrical contacts;


Palladium — grayish-white, precious metal, valued for its malleability, plasticity, stability under heating and the ability to absorb significant amounts of hydrogen at room temperature. The largest producers: Russia, South Africa, USA, Canada. Use: manufacture of catalytic converters to reduce emissions;


Rhenium is one of the densest metals, with the third highest melting point. Is a by-product in the production of molybdenum. The largest producers: Chile, Kazakhstan and the United States. Used in high temperature turbine engines and is added to alloys based on Nickel to improve thermal resistance;


Silver possesses very high electrical and thermal conductivity, minimum electrical resistance. Most rich deposits in Peru, China, Mexico and Chile. Usage: jewelry, coinage, photography, dental and electrical engineering. It can also be used in cell phones and medicine as antibacterial coating, control odor in shoes and clothing and prevent mold in treated wood. Silver is also used in electronic components of ball mills;


Indium is a rare metal produced from the processing of zinc lead, iron and copper ore. In pure form it is a white metal, extremely shiny and plastic. Largest producers: China, South Korea and Japan. Indium is used to create corrosive-resistant mirrors, semiconductors, coatings of moving parts.


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