Milling of stainless steel

General characteristics

Machining stainless steel milling is performed by rotating the blades. The cutting tool moves along a constant radius, the flow is in perpendicular direction from the plane in which the rotation occurs. Milling is a versatile technique, which is suitable for working with stainless steel products and billets of other alloys. Processing mill high-performance. Grooves, grooves, surfaces, ledges, a rectangular cross-sections, the ledges on the profile cross-sections, contoured reliefs of stainless steel products — this is not a complete list of what can be done with milling. Milling cutting is used for cutting bars, cutting of pipes, coating them with external or internal threads.

Types of cutters and types of processing

For the processing of flat or shaped articles from stainless steel can be used mnogotonnaya the cutter, each tooth of which is a separate cutter. To handle a variety of products at milling machines can be used cylindrical cutters trade or solid. The team of cutters inserted blade. Vertical milling machines and milling machines special purpose equip the mechanical working head with knives made of very hard alloys. Shell end mills, which can be solid or with inserted blades is made to handle complex structures made of stainless steel, having involved in different levels of the surface, as well as the processing of the inclined or parallel surfaces — slopes and ledges on stainless hexagons or cubes.

For milling keyways and slots are used, the disc and annular cutters. Annular cutters are used if the products need to perform groove processing to be semi open plane. For high quality processing of key grooves is gated is perfectly suitable key cutter and for straight or helical grooves, for example grooves between the teeth of milling cutters, core drills, reamers, etc., used mill corner. If you need to cut a slot or narrow gap, used spline milling cutter. Specialized contoured cutter handle fittings. During the primary processing mill, the product serves to meet the cutter. When final, finishing, product guide «under the mill» to get the surface more clean and smooth.

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