Germanium metal

Technical characteristics

It is an element of the 4th group of the periodic system and the Different semiconductor properties and increased fragility. Opened in 1886 German scientist Winkler. In nature, it is not found in a free form, but only as an impurity in sedimentary rocks, ores of tungsten, Nickel, silicates, charcoal.

chemical symbol Ge
Atomic number 32
The proportion Of 5.33 g/cm3
Atomic mass 72,59
The degree of oxidation +3,
Melting point 937 °C
Boiling point 2830°C
The specific heat of fusion 36,8 kJ/mol


The production of electronics and electrical engineering. This element is used in the form of high-frequency single crystals for the manufacture of diodes, photoresistors and photodiodes, sensors, parts x-ray apparatus, spectroscopes. Jewelers also used this item. Some alloys Germany serve as corrosion resistant coatings and alloys. With regard to alloys in Germany, they have good resistance to aggressive influence of acidic environments. This quality is appreciated by industries such as experimental physics and chemistry, instrumentation and mechanical engineering.

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