Indium is found in the form of low-interest ore impurities. High Fe sphalerite contains it to a tenth of a percent, beds and chalcopyrite — an order of magnitude less, and pyrrhotite, cassiterite — thousandths of a percent. World consumption of this metal in the XXI century is growing rapidly and by 2009 was able to reach 900 m. It is an indispensable material for high vacuum technology

Technical characteristics

The density of India at 20 °C is equal to of 7.31 g/cm3. It dissolves in nearly all acids. Resistant to alkaline solutions, indium is able to withstand heat up to 800 °C, but after flashing flame violet-blue color with the formation of oxide.

Description The value
Chemical symbol In
Atomic (molar) mass, g/mol 114,818
Oxidation 3, 1
Density [g/cm3] Of 7.31
The melting temperature t°C 153°C
The heat of fusion kJ/mol 3,24
The thermal conductivity K [W/(m·K)] 81,8
Heat of evaporation kJ/mol 225,1


Microelectronic circuits. Doped indium solders: used for soldering of metal with glass. Coating with indium of car headlights or mirrors to increase their reflectivity to the level of silver, and their resistance to atmospheric moisture is much higher. Indium is part of the «blue gold». It is applicable for the production of LCD monitors, the Coating is indium-aluminum diesel piston skirts reduces wear. The isotopes 111In, 113In used in radioisotope diagnosis. The isotope 115In are used for detection with a threshold energy of 120 Kev neutrino.

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