History of doping


Alloying of steel is associated with certain technological difficulties. If you use the conventional technology of steelmaking, alloying elements burn out. Therefore, for the smelting of Damascus (damask) steel, medieval blacksmiths used a fairly complicated at the time techniques.

Natural doping

It is interesting that that the first steels I met people who were naturally alloy steels, the so — called meteoric iron, containing up to 8.5% of Ni. Highly prized and steel made from ores, initially rich in alloying elements. A rare combination of hardness and toughness of samurai swords with a unique blade sharpness is due to the presence of molybdenum steel.

Our time

Alloying was utilized metallurgists recently. Modern views on the influence on steel properties of various additives was determined along with the development of chemistry in the early nineteenth century. An example of the first successful doping can be considered a smelting Musetta in 1858, carbon steel, containing a 1.85% C, 9% W and 2.5% Mn. Steel was used for the manufacture of cutters of machine tools and was the prototype of the modern high speed steels. Industrial production of such steel was utilized in 1871, it is believed that the first steel alloy of mass production became steel, patented by English Metallurgist Robert Garfildom in 1882 the Steel contained 1.5% C and 12 — 14% Mn, had good casting properties and wear resistance. Without any changes the chemical composition of this steel has survived to the present time.

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