The sizing and cutting of stainless steel tubes

After welding and removal of burrs is cooled stainless steel tubes that are pre — calibrated for the largest diameter (or reducing), divided into several lengths and dimensional rule.


It is carried out in mills that contain 3−4 two-roll mill stand with horizontal rolls are driven, and alternating with them neprivodimye stand with vertical rolls. Mills for large sizes include 3−4 four-high mill stand with horizontal rolls driven. Immediately after the four-roll mill set nepravednoy proper pulpit, which, together with corrections carries out the removal of ovality of tubes.


The separation of the pipes produced on the go with the split of volatile or explosive devices. The cutting is usually performed by disk knives mounted on the holder, rotating around the pipe. In the process of cutting knives meet. Explosive devices installed on mills for large sizes. To be able better burst pipes sets the inductor, which provides heating of the narrow annular zones of pipes at the break.

Performance of pipe electric welding mill

Depends on the types of produced pipes, as well as applied methods of welding. Performance of various mills ranges from 1 thousand to 1 million tons per year. The coefficient of metal consumption is 1.04 to 1.09, with a corresponding specific power consumption.

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