Marking bronze


Divided into bronze without tin and pewter. The main alloying components tin bronze — zinc, phosphorus and Nickel. The content in the bronzes of zinc is not more than 10%, while virtually not changing the properties of the alloy, it makes it cheaper. Phosphorus, and lead improve the sliding properties and the machinability. Alloys based on lead and tin with added copper called babbit. Babbits have significant value, so they are often replaced by aluminum alloys.

Marking bronze

Marking a letter grade-numerical indexes. Br — refers to the bronze. The letters which follow further indicate, in descending order, the contents of alloying elements, and the numbers correspond to their average number in percent.

The use of cast tin bronzes

· bearing shells, valves, anti-friction parts — БрО5ЦНС5;

· valves General purpose — Bro3c12s5;

· friction products (bearings, bushings, worm gear, bushings) — Bro4c4s17.

The use of wrought bronze

· round and flat spring — Broc4−3;

· spring, pressure boxes, membranes, anti-friction parts — Brof6,5−0,4;

· antifriction parts — Brocs4−4 is 2.5.

Without tin bronze

In some brands of bronze and tin is not contained. These include dual or multicomponent copper alloys with aluminum, iron, manganese, lead, beryllium, silicon and Nickel. Silicon bronze (contain Nickel, manganese) are characterized by high plasticity and toughness, good corrosion and mechanical properties. Bronze aluminum high — tech, have good mechanical qualities, high plasticity and density of the casting, excellent resistance to corrosion in sea water. Lead bronze has good thermal conductivity, high anti-friction properties. From beryllium bronze good weldability and corrosion resistance.

The use of bronze without tin

Siliceous bronze Brkmc3−1 — strip, rods, and wire springs. Aluminum bronze Brazhn10−4-4 — details for chemical equipment; Brazh9−4 — details for processing under pressure (pipes, bars, sheets); Bra10zh3mc2 and Bra9zh3l — friction parts, fittings. Beryllium bronze Brb2 — bars and rods, strip, wire springs, strip. Lead bronze Brs30 — friction parts.

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