Marking of alloy steels

Code letter

The designation of alloyed steel in Russia consists of a combination of letters and numbers that reflect its percentage composition. Alloying elements have the following notation: Ni (N), Cr (X) Mn (G), Mo (M), Si ©, W (V), Ti (T), Ta (TT), V (f), Al (u), Cu (L), B ®, Co (K), Nb (B), Zr ©, Se (E), rare earth metals (H).

Numerical marking ,

The number after the letter indicates the percentage of the alloying element B. If the number is not specified, the alloying additive is not more than 0.8% and 1.5%. With the exception of molybdenum and vanadium (which in steels is usually to 0.2−0.3%). In addition, the boron (in the alloy with the letter P must be 0.01%). In high quality structural alloy steels the first two digits represent the carbon content in hundredths of a percent.

Example: 03KH16N15M3B — high alloy steel, which contains 0,03% C, 16% Cr, 15% Ni, 3% Mo and 1% Nb. A number of special steels have their own special designation: Steel ball marked with the letters (SH), after which specify the content of chromium in tenths of a percent; a Complex alloy tool steel are identified by the letter ®, the following number reflects the content of tungsten as a percentage; Freecutting steel are marked with a letter (A), and the number reflects the carbon content in hundredths of a percent.

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