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Copper rolling, thanks to the exceptional consumer qualities, have become one of the most relevant among non-ferrous alloys in modern industry. In its pure form is a metal with a dim reddish glow. Copper alloys used by man since time immemorial, especially bronze and brass. Itself copper is widely used in the manufacture of various semi-finished products and structural elements. This copper anodes, ribbon, rod, sheet, plate, foil, wire, pipe, profile. They are produced using rolled, molding, stamping.


The main advantages of copper — high conductivity, ductility, thermal conductivity, excellent corrosion resistance, ability to tolerate the effects of UV and temperature resistance in a wide range. Copper heat-resistant, very ductile, it can be rolled in foil. It is easily soldered, and after recycling can be used again.


Copper rental able for decades to keep their original dignity. For its production we take the best quality brand of copper that contain minimal amounts of impurities. Rolled copper is used for parts of automobiles, ships, railway transport, engineering, water heat exchangers, in construction. The actual copper wiring in electrical engineering, galvanics, due to its excellent electrical conductivity. High temperature resistance and thermal conductivity makes copper the actual rental for fragments of heat-exchange equipment, radiators, refrigerators, air conditioning systems, gas supply.

Material Mark Prefabricated Cross-section mm The presence of the kg Price
Pipe copper Brkh-1 pipe seamless 4−16x1−4 650 155
22x3 84,3 150
28x3 54,7 150
45x2 126,3 150
52x3 230,7 150
COPPER M 1 SHEET 0.5 mm 101 145
M 1 0.6 mm 96 145
M 1 0.8 mm 98 145
M 1 1−10mm 750 135
M 2 1−10mm 890 122
COPPER M 1 Tape 0,1x20−60 65 150
M 1 Tape 0,2x40 140 150
M 1 Tape 0,5x200 190 140
M 2 round 10−70mm 556 120
M 2 round 100−150 325 120
M 1 wire 0.5 mm 62 170
M 1 wire 1mm 70 160
BRASS L63 pipe seamless 14−48x1−7 540 120
LS59−1 36x8 70 115
LS59−1 42x8 482 115
LS59−1 55x12,5 360 115
BRASS L 63 sheet 0,3−1 mm 172,7 108
L 63 2−10mm 256 105
LS-59 1mm 13,8 108
LS-59 2−10mm 186 102
BRASS L 63 round 4−10mm 44 105
10−70mm 104 88
80−100mm 800 88
BRASS L 63 wire 2 89 120
3 56 120
-«- LS-59−1 hexagon 10−36mm 690 120


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