Mechanical properties of bronze

Mechanical advantages of bronze

Bronze tin contain an average of from 4 to 6% tin and have a high mechanical, anticorrosive and antifriction properties, is well processed by cutting and easily molded into shapes. To improve the quality of tin bronze entered the lead, which improves machinability and anti-friction advantages. The addition of zinc improves the casting properties, and phosphorus, increases the mechanical, anti-friction and castability.

Pewter cast and wrought bronze

Tin casting bronze in their composition contain up to 15% of tin, lead, from 3 to 6%, zinc from 4 to 10% and phosphorus from 0.4% to 1%. Bronze casting (GOST 614−73) are used to produce different shaped castings. The scarcity and high cost of tin is the main disadvantage of tin bronzes. Bronze wrought (GOST 5017−74) used in the manufacture of sleeve parts of devices, bearings etc. put Them in a semi-finished product (wire, rods, strips, tapes) in the solid (cold-worked) and soft (annealed) States.

Aluminum bronze

Bronze without tin contain iron, aluminum, manganese, silicon, beryllium, lead, and various combinations of related items. Bronze aluminum containing from 4 to 11% aluminium, have a high corrosion resistance, good mechanical and technological properties. They can be easily processed in the hot state pressure, and when the content of aluminum up to 8% easily handled and cold. Aluminum bronze, which contain 9 to 11% aluminum, and Nickel, iron, manganese, hardened under the influence of heat treatment (quenching and vacation).

Manganese bronze

Brand Brmc5 has a relatively low mechanical strengths, but has good corrosion resistance and high plasticity, and ability at elevated temperatures to maintain their structural quality.

Svintsoviy bronze

Brand БрС3О has high anticorrosion properties and thermal conductivity (4 times more than tin alloys), bronze is used for manufacture of heavily loaded bearings subjected to high specific pressure.

Bronze beryllium and silicon

Brand Brb2 (containing beryllium) has high mechanical properties after heat treatment. From it produce the most important products of special purpose. The disadvantage is a complex soldering — you must use expensive silver solders with flux. Bronze siliceous (Bcmcs-1, Brkn1−3) used as substitute for expensive beryllium bronze.

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