The welding methods of stainless steel

The main types of welding

Welding stainless steel can be produced by manual arc welding, welding consumable and non-consumable electrode pulse arc welding, plasma and some other types of welding that are not so widely known. Recently the wide circulation was received one of the new methods of welding stainless steel — laser high-frequency welding, which opened a new, broad prospects in this direction.

Manual arc welding

It is usually used to join parts of stainless steel whose thickness exceeds half a millimeter. The greatest performance in comparison with other types of welding is arc welding with consumable electrode in inert gas. As a rule, it serves to connect thin sheets of stainless steel with a thickness of less than fifteen millimeters.

Other types of arc welding

Pulsed — held consumable electrode in inert gas. It is most effective to stainless steel thickness 0,8 mm. Arc welding with spray metal transfer used, if the thickness of the stainless steel sheet is 0.8−3 mm, and plasma welding is used for stainless metal, the thickness of the sheets of which exceeds 3 mm. If the need arises in the welding of stainless steel with a thickness of more than ten millimeters, then resort to arc welding under flux.

The choice of method

For the correct selection of the optimal type of welding and take into account the purpose of the future stainless steel products and used steel grade. Are taken into consideration and some minor circumstances, such as the resistance of the metal to cracking. If the product is made of stainless steel, we weld, be used in aggressive environments, it must have sufficient resistance to corrosion. Especially carefully when choosing and methods of heat treatment.

Final processing

Regardless of the method of welding, weld surface is formed of loose oxide layer, which reduces the corrosion resistance of the welded joint. This layer is necessarily removed, and the seam is subjected to a thorough grinding. Etching is the most common method of treatment. Done correctly, this procedure ensures the recovery of the corrosion resistance of stainless steel, due to the complete removal of the oxide layer. Corrosion resistance can be further improved if after etching of the metal the weld is subjected to grinding or polishing.

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