Molybdenum in high-temperature steel

The influence of molybdenum

The use of molybdenum for alloying of ferritic, austenitic steels and Nickel alloys inhibits the softening of y-solid solutions and is affected by the increasing temperature of recrystallization. At the same time, the more molybdenum is introduced into the alloy, the greater the activation energy of self-diffusion of chromium and iron. In addition, both short and long tests showed that the increase in heat resistance when alloying with molybdenum increases the ductility of the alloys. Also this element to a greater extent influences the increase of high temperature strength age-hardening alloys, hardened intermetallide or carbide.

Increasing the efficiency of the influence of molybdenum on high-temperature properties of hard alloy steels can be achieved by the simultaneous introduction in the alloy of several elements, including those which cause dispersion hardening. In this case, the difficulty is diffuse exchange, recrystallization and coagulation of dispersed particles, which at high temperatures with the help of the introduction of molybdenum to slow down the process of softening of the alloy. So on the chart alloys doped with molybdenum have higher hardness than other.

It is worth noting that molybdenum has little effect on the mechanical properties of the alloy as well as the absolute increase in hardness at room temperature. Occurs only a slight shift of the maximum hardness of the dispersion hardening. And then, only in the case of increasing operating temperature.

Molybdenum has a positive effect also on the Nickel and iron of heat-resistant alloys strengthened by intermetallic compounds. Molybdenum is able to form phases like laves, which due to the processes of dispersion hardening, to increase the resistance of the alloys.

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