Molybdenum rod billet


Mo — 42-th element of the periodic table, heavy and solid refractory metal light gray. Mining and production it is connected with many difficulties, so its price is quite high. Usually it is used for alloying heat-resistant alloys. In a compact form molybdenum is 30% heavier than iron and more than 2 times heavier than titanium. If you compare it to the melting point (2620°) With other metals — molybdenum 2.5 times more refractory than titanium (t° melting point of about 980°C) and is second only to tungsten, rhenium, osmium, iridiu. Among various products made of this metal, the most urgent is the MUF powder brand containing about 99.5% Mo. 92% of the powder consists of granules of up to 5 microns in diameter. Powder MUF is the basis for the production of molybdenum shtabikov. The methods of powder metallurgy allow to receive rods of any shape and size, which is used as a workpiece for the manufacture of rods, wire and sheets.


For the production of shtabikov is certified SPM molybdenum powder of high purity. 48−19−73−78 THAT regulates the production of molybdenum shtabikov 3 marks for further processing to bars, wire, target, boat or flats. First using powder metallurgy to form the workpiece — the so-called Fort. A rod billet is pressed in the initial flat blank. Smaller grain size makes the Fort stronger and harder than tungsten. Cut it with great difficulty. Sintered molybdenum rod billet of granular structure is cut almost as hard as the compact metal. The first sintering is carried out in a hydrogen atmosphere at t° to 1200 °C. For sheet production using «cold-hot» method rolled on precision equipment using technology of chemical protection. The sheet has a smooth surface with which the end of the treatment removes the oxides. For sintering workpieces of complex shape using a special flame chamber. In the chamber’s wall there is a hole for observation of an optical pyrometer. Sintering occurs excited by arc discharge in vacuum. Melting is fast enough. Thus, to obtain ingot (weighing 40 kg requires about half an hour.


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