Stainless steel in lightweight structures

General characteristics

Stainless steel products are firmly established in our everyday life. Most often, stainless steel is found as a small parts and fragments. Very often, smaller elements require accurate, and most importantly, the invisible connection that makes the process of welding is unacceptable. In addition, the welding of stainless steel can compromise the integrity of its protective layer and cause early occurrence of corrosion. The welds do not add to the aesthetic appeal of the product. It took new ways of joining metal parts for modern production.


The connecting parts are many, they are presented in wide assortment and allow you to implement the design tasks of any complexity. A good example of such design solutions can serve as the railing and stainless steel handrail. One way is through the use of fasteners and connecting elements, which are fixed by bolts. This kind of fixture allows for deviations in the structures within 5 degrees.

Adhesive for metal

Another highly effective method of joining parts made of stainless steel is a range of General purpose adhesives on metal. To any glue, whatever the composition of its foundations, should comply with the same requirements of quick setting time, shear resistance, maintaining strength upon impact, lack of stretching and delamination. Modern adhesives can be one — and two-component, anaerobic, cyanoacrylate.

The advantages of adhesive bonding

Universal adhesive can connect not only metal surfaces, but also parts made from different materials such as steel and plastic or steel and rubber, etc. Adhesive layer, which is applied with a special gun, attached the docking blocks double guarantee. Some types of adhesives make it easy to dismantle constructions made of stainless steel, this connector Assembly is heated to a temperature above 200 °C.


After mounting the finished design usually does not require finishing of all details. Just in case if there is partial damage to the surface, the product must be subjected to sanding and cleaning with a special compound that in the process of operation eliminated the need for frequent maintenance. Using the connector and a universal adhesive, it is possible to implement projects of any structural complexity. Thanks to the development of computer simulation and technologies of modern electronic machines are the most bizarre and intricate details that help to make any design decisions.

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