Stainless steel new technology


Modern production equipped with effective facilities for high quality processing of stainless steel. Primary treatment is a hot or cold rolling. Next, the metal is subjected to the following operations: cutting, stamping, grinding, sanding, polishing, etc. On stainless steel products are applied to cover metallic and nonmetallic. No matter how changed the processing tool, the vast majority of methods are effective only when heated to the metal. Heated to high temperatures, stainless steel modifies the structure and properties. Steel subjected to heat treatment in several stages, including: annealing, normalizing, quenching and tempering. These methods have been developed and refined for generations, but today this long and laborious process requires the metallurgists of high qualification and experience. The latest methods include plasma and laser processing systems.

Laser processing method

It was developed during the second half of the 20th century. Initially, industrial lasers were neither much power, nor sufficient opportunities to influence the metal. But with each new generation increased their capacity and improved technology. The advantages of laser processing. Protective layer of alloy is almost not damaged. Due to the high precision laser knives, fine details and small nodes are processed with high degree of accuracy. Laser installations accessible work both in continuous and in pulsed mode. Significant advantages of the local, precisely focused laser beam to heat, mould, burning metal. However, when machining stainless steels using laser, requires precise compliance with the required conditions.

Plasma method,

This way, you get fast accurate and high quality cutting of stainless steel sheet and other sheet metal products. Processing a stream of molten plasma appeared in the metallurgical industry later laser technology and in some cases is preferable. When choosing a method of treatment of stainless steel and the elements it is made of is taken into account the steel grade and shape of the product.

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