Stainless steel hot tubes

General characteristics

As the name suggests, is easy to understand that hot tubes are made under high temperatures, thereby gain certain qualities that define their scope. Industry and construction, these pipes are used in boiler plants, the construction of gas and water, manufacturing of cylinders and mechanical parts for various purposes.

The types of hot-deformed pipes

They can be of two types: welded and seamless. The latter is obtained by hot deformation, performed after welding. Seamless hot-deformed pipes are mainly used in gas and oil industry. In this area of the pipe is divided into casing, tubing and drill pipe. To protect the borehole from collapsing rocks and splashing water casing using seamless stainless steel tubes. Drill type is used to create a variety of wells and tubing during well operation. Hot-deformed seamless stainless steel tubes has also found its application in everyday life as pipelines. The cross-sectional shape. It can be: round, oval, square, rectangular. Wall thickness from 3 to 36 mm, Ø from 2 to 82 inches. The main function of thick-walled pipes for liquid and gas under very high pressure. That is why they are subjected to special heat treatment. The working temperature of hot pipes can reach about +425°C.

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