Stainless steel pipes for buildings

Advantages of stainless steel tubes

With high reliability and availability, such pipes are normally used for the construction of gas pipelines, oil and water pipelines. But the question arises, why did it become popular stainless pipe? The answer is simple, stainless steel is considered very hygienic material, strong and durable. It is resistant to corrosion, it does not rust, not deposited salts, mucus, prevent the breeding of bacteria and fungi. These tubes provide no impurities to the liquid, they are not afraid of aggressive chemical substances and mechanical impact, they are resistant to temperature extremes, shock, metal fatigue.


Stainless steel tubes can be of different diameters and shapes. For the construction of industrial communications using stainless steel pipe of large diameter, for domestic pipelines, in apartments and houses use the smaller pipe diameter. Pipe made of stainless steel can be of various shapes — square, rectangular, oval and round. The form of the pipes depends on the goals and purpose. Square and rectangular are used in construction. Their function is to keep the stability of the structure. Oval and round are used for pipelines of various types.

Water pipes

They are made of hard alloy steel, resistant to corrosion and other aggressive factors. For such tubes is steel alloyed with CR in order. Ideal for water supply systems are considered as galvanized stainless steel pipe. This tube, with the outer side covered with a layer of zinc. The zinc coating makes the construction even more durable, protects it from dirt corrosion. Such pipes are most commonly used in potable water.

Gas pipes

For conducting gas in homes also use the stainless pipe. It must be noted that the pipes for gas and water correspond to the highest requirements. This is because they are operated at high pressure and high temperature differences. Moreover, gas pipes, explosive, hazardous to human health, therefore, in the manufacture of such tubes is strictly complied with all the norms of production. Ordinary water pipes requirements below.

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