Rare Nickel alloys

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Technical characteristics

The beneficial properties of Nickel alloys based on the properties of the Nickel, which, in addition to the ability to form solid solutions with many metals, different properties such as ferromagnetism, high corrosion resistance in gaseous and liquid environments, and the absence of allotropic transformations.

Ferromagnetic alloys

They contain 40−5%Ni + iron, belong to the class of soft magnetic materials play an important role in technology. Such materials include alloys, which are characterized by extremely high values of magnetic permeability (permalloy), constancy of magnetic permeability (perminvar) and a combination of high saturation magnetization and magnetic permeability (pronorm). Such rare alloys are used in many areas of technology requiring high sensitivity work items to changes in the magnetic field.


Among the rare alloys of Nickel not to mention Monel, which is known for high chemical stability in water, acids, strong alkalis.

The rare Nickel alloys. Hydroacoustics

Nickel alloys with 4 or 18 per cent of cobalt refer to the magnetostrictive materials. Good corrosion resistance of these alloys in river water and sea water makes them valuable materials for the construction of sonar devices.

Chromel. Thermocouple

The corrosion resistance may increase significantly if the Nickel alloy to enter the aluminum, silicon or chromium. Among alloys of this type, whose value is determined, the optimal combination of thermoelectric properties and thermal stability are Nickel with aluminum, silicon and manganese (alumel) and Nickel with 10% chromium (chromel). Aluminum thermocouples are among the most common in industry and the laboratory. Practically important type thermocouple chromel-Copel.


Nichrome, heat-resistant alloy of Nickel and chromium, found application in engineering. The most common are nichrome with 80% Nickel. Created and implemented ferrochrome, in which a considerable part of Nickel is replaced by iron. The composition of 60% Nickel, 15% chromium and 25% iron is one of the most common. The stability of the most used nicrmov higher than ferrochrome, so the latter are usually used at lower temperatures.

Tight connection

Materials containing 45−55 per cent of Nickel alloyed with small amounts of copper or cobalt have coefficients of linear thermal expansion close to linear. They are used in cases when it should be achieved a tight connection between the glass and the metal.


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