The scope of the alloys of copper


Over 30% of copper are used in alloys. Most industries today use a copper alloy in production of heat exchangers, wires, refrigerators, plumbing pipes and so on. Because copper is famous for its high aesthetic and decorative characteristics, today it is widely used in the creation of original parts of the interior, in jewelry, production of Souvenirs, etc.products.

Copper-Nickel alloys

A characteristic feature of copper-Nickel alloys is their high corrosion resistance. These alloys are not even subject to destruction in the sea water. Despite the fact that their main component is copper, alloys of silver-white color. Melchior the Nickel content is 18−33%. Melchior has a beautiful appearance, it is used to manufacture jewelry and utensils, and minting coins. Nickel silver is similar to the Nickel silver alloy that contains, in addition to 15% Nickel, 20% zinc. This alloy is used in the manufacture of medical instruments, art products. Manganin is an alloy of copper, manganese and Nickel, and Constantan (Nickel — 40%) have very high electrical resistance. They are used in the manufacture of electrical appliances.

Protective coating

Use the methods in the technique of copper plating, coating steel products thin copper layer. In the process of protecting steel parts and decorative Nickel and chrome coatings deposited directly on steel, the coating becomes fragile, and there is no crack. To resolve this, initially, the steel is covered with a thin copper layer, and then Nickel or chrome. Only in this case, electrolytic precipitation are of high quality. The process of copper plating is also carried out in order to facilitate the soldering of products and parts, because copper is very well exposed soldering.

Copper in its pure form

Used in electrical engineering: in the manufacture of contact tires and wires, in the production of cable products, generators, Telegraph and telephone equipment, and radio equipment. Copper make vacuum machines, heat exchangers, pipelines. High ductility and toughness of copper makes it possible to use it in the manufacture of various products with complex pattern. Of red copper that in the annealed condition becomes very pliable and soft, you can bend the most complex elements of the ornament, and the wire is easy to twist all the cords. In addition, the copper wire is easily soldered with silver solder, well gilded and silvery. These properties make copper in the manufacture of filigree articles indispensable material.

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