Applications of aluminium

Transport engineering

Lightweight car design, car body, frame, sports bicycles and motorcycles, elements of bearing structures, automotive crankcase, pump housings and appliances, decorative items, covers tanks.


Fairings gliders, the ailerons, the secondary part, which do not carry a large load, brackets, frames, doors, cabins, chassis, dashboard, production of various tanks, pumps, oxygen and fuel tanks.


Buildings and non-magnetic parts of the instrument, the production of cameras, binoculars, mobile phones, portable cameras.

Food industry

Food containers, thermoses, food foil — due to its high corrosion resistance and nontoxicity.

Chemical industry

The instrument on the basis of aluminum have been widely used for the synthesis and storage of concentrated nitric acid, hydrogen peroxide, organic substances

Application in electrical engineering

Manufacture of electrical contacts, wires, cables, busbars, capacitors, rectifiers, AC, electric panels.

Use in sport

Lightweight sports equipment, climbing equipment, frame, hang-gliders etc.

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