Applications of beryllium


Alloys doped with beryllium at the same time durable and resistant to high temperatures. They are indispensable in aviation and rocketry. Bronze alloy Copper-beryllium alloys are distinguished by chemical stability, they are easily handled, widely used in the industry. Brb2 (contains 2% Be) possesses high strength, elasticity and corrosion resistance, and does not spark when struck,. Its use is important in mining.

Nuclear power

Neutron reflectors are heat shields. Beryllium oxide BeO is a refractory material (effectively slows down and reflects neutrons, and mixed with uranium oxide it is used as a highly efficient nuclear fuel. Fluoride BeF2 in the alloy with lithium fluoride is used as a coolant and solvent salts of uranium,

Electrical engineering

Spring contacts, which can operate at a temperature of red calenia.


Shock absorbers, springs, wheels, bearings.


Oxyliquit on the basis of beryllium is the basis of powerful explosives.

Industrial chemistry

High corrosion resistance allows to produce from this metal chemical equipment.

Application in medicine

Protection from penetrating radiation. Manufacture of special glass.

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