Applications of europium

High-tech industry

With Halogens this metal forms a light-sensitive crystals. The production of modern smartphones, manufacturer of color displays, electronic circuits and speakers. solar cells, lasers, spectrometers, phosphors.

The use of nuclear energy

Together with zirconium increases the area of capture of thermal neutrons are part of the absorption rod, the inhibitory rate of nuclear reactions in boilers fuel element. Unstable isotope 154 Eu can be used as a radioactive fuel. Eu2 O3 required in thermochemical splitting of deuterium and tritium.

Application in electrical engineering

Production of energy-saving lamps, which emit light close to the sun. Manufacture of fiber-optic optics.

Laser optics

In laser optics this metal is the basis of lasers generating radiation with a wavelength of 610 nm,


In medical diagnostics the cations of europium are used as fluorescent probes. Radioactive isotopes of europium are used in the treatment of certain malignant tumors.

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