Applications of cobalt

Industrial chemistry

Welded equipment, catalysis of chemical reactions.


Alloying heat-resistant alloys, manufacture of special tool steel, drills and cutters, carbide inserts) are used as the cutting element when the tool processing of metal. Manufacture of carbide inserts (VK6, ВК60М, VK8, ВК10).

Electrical engineering

Cobalt lithium — a highly effective positive electrode in lithium batteries. The magnetic properties allow the use of cobalt in the apparatus for magnetic recording, and in the cores of transformers, electric motors. A silicide is an excellent thermoelectric material for power generators with high efficiency.

Nuclear power

Acceleration of particle… a Radioactive 60 From used in medicine, gamma radiography, and also for fueling nuclear boilers;


Parts of gas turbine engines, covering the fairings of the fuselage.


Cobalt gun is used in radiotherapy of malignant tumors. Radioactive isotope 60 Co is used to determine the absorption of b vitamins — the so-called Schilling test.

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