Applications of tin

Food industry

Tin is used in pure form and in the composition of the alloy as an optional component. Food containers, jars, tin spoons and forks. The main advantages of this metal — plasticity, corrosion resistance, good processability. and another undoubted advantage is the harmlessness,

Application in electrical engineering

Manufacture of fusible alloys with lead, bismuth or cadmium in electrical contacts, wiring, cables, busbars. Tin alloy with niobium is used in the manufacture of wires.


Tin bronze known to mankind for over five thousand years.

Mechanical engineering

Manufacture of babbit to fill the bearings and moving nodes.

Application in medicine

The treatment of epilepsy and certain types of neurosis.

Application in everyday life and other industries

Cutlery, crockery, statues, tin soldiers, chess pieces, decorative details. The coating of tin, tinning of utensils. With an alloy of antimony and lead — typographic fonts.

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