Applications of rhenium


Alloying heat-resistant alloys, It increases the strength of metals such as titanium, molybdenum, zirconium, and simultaneously improves the heat resistance and the heat resistance. Rhenium increase the strength and simultaneously improve the plasticity of steel. Alloying with rhenium, tungsten and molybdenum makes steel alloys krasnoselkii, they copes with repeated heating and cooling without sacrificing strength and durability.

Application in electrical engineering

Manufacture of filaments, thermocouples, termoelektrodny wire and so on. Tungsten-rhenium thermocouples are used for the highest temperatures (over 2000°C) with high accuracy.


Rhenium-platinum catalysts. If earlier the majority of this metal was on the alloying heat-resistant alloys, in recent years, 75% of the production used in the production of catalysts for the production of high-octane gasoline.

The use of nuclear energy

Nuclear accelerators, nuclear shell boilers.


In closed warehouses or under the shed providing adequate protection against mechanical and other damage.

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