Processing europium


In its pure form is one of the most expensive metals. It is soft and plastic, the easiest among the lanthanides of the cerium subgroup, therefore, machining of europium poses no special difficulties. It is very easy to cut, bent, milled, drilled and rolled. A few of the rare metals boast the same technology. The problem is its protection from oxidation during processing. To improve the cutting performance, as a rule, use lathe CNC cutters special composition.

Ultrasonic treatment and chemical reagents

Impact of ultrasound enables to avoid micro-cracks and reduce the roughness of the surface. Regarding chemical treatment, scandium, and other rare metals, requires multistage stimulation, taking into account the nature of the interaction with acids and alkalis.


In closed warehouses. This active element. In the air it instantly oxidizes (at room temperature), so long-term storage is only possible in a tightly closed container.

Supply, price

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