Processing and use of stainless steel sheet, ribbon, strip

The types of processing by pressure

One of the main types of sheet metal forming, tape, strip is the processing pressure. Distinguish:

·the rental;





shlifovanie, polishing.

Stamping and pressing

Stamping is sheet-like and bulk. The latter, in turn, is divided into hot and cold. With regard to this method of processing metals and alloys as pressing, there are quite a large number of different schemes. If you focus on the core, there are only 2 is forward and reverse.


The most common type of machining metal workpieces by pressure — rolling. The advantages of this method are obvious, there are hot and cold rolled method. We are talking about the profiles of various shapes (round, square, hexagon), as well as pipes and rolled sheet metal.


Industrial chemistry, motor industry, energy, design and construction, details of household appliances.

Supply, price

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