Processing and production of aluminium


This is one of the most common elements in the earth’s crust. The main methods of production of aluminum is electrolysis, by which the primary metal ingots. Further they are used as a material for the production of aluminum alloys with desired properties. Private sector aluminium production is recycling. It is a metal that can be melted an infinite number of times.


Among the most common common alloying metals are:

Alloy aluminum alloys are the basis of reliable components for the automotive, shipbuilding and aviation industries.

Heat treatment

For this metal used three main types of heat treatment:
Aging is a process, when the alloy after quenching without polymorphic transformation is the decomposition of the supersaturated solid solution. The main purpose of the heat treatment is increase the strength characteristics of the finished products. Aluminum alloy the greatest effect of the heat treatment of the alloy D16.

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