Processing of rhenium

Powder metallurgy

For the manufacture of rhenium rental used methods of powder metallurgy. Powder metal is sintered in the required for processing the workpiece. Processing the sintered rod billet begins with a small degree of compression, then subjected to annealing in a hydrogen atmosphere at a temperature of 1700−1750°C and prokovyvayut in several passes.

Plastic deformation

Pure rhenium is much ductility of tungsten. It is possible to roll and pull micron wire under normal conditions. Was discovered and «rhenium effect»: it appears that this metal increases both the strength and ductility of molybdenum and tungsten. Due to the high modulus of elasticity, the hardness of rhenium after treatment increases significantly due to shot peening. To restore the plasticity, it is annealed in hydrogen, vacuum or inert gas.


In closed warehouses or under the shed providing adequate protection against mechanical and other damage.

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