General information about production of metals and alloys


General information about the production of alloys include information about deposits of raw materials; the beneficiation and smelting of metals, cold/hot processing of the workpiece. In addition this includes information about the chemical composition of the material, alloying, quality control, storage, use, transportation of products.


Alloying has a multifaceted effect on the alloy quality. Chromium increases the hardness, corrosion resistance. The Nickel gives the alloy ductility; tungsten hardness, red hardness. Vanadium increases the strength, resistance to impact load and abrasion. Molybdenum imparts red-hardness alloy, prevents the oxidation at high temperature. The proportion of manganese is above 1% increases the hardness, toughness, durability. Titanium increases the stability, corrosion resistance. Copper increases the ductility, prevents rusting.

Assortment of semi-finished products

Depending on the size of stainless steel rolled products is of two types:

  • small;
  • medium;
  • big.

The most popular semi-finished products are:

  • circle;
  • pipe,
  • tape,
  • hex;
  • wire;
  • area.

Depending on the function of products, the surface can be mirror smooth or textured.

Industry use

  • aviation;
  • chemical;
  • auto;
  • food;
  • processing
  • pharmacological.
  • construction
  • energy, etc.

Supply, price

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